Sunday, July 12, 2009

Diazepam Buy On The Internet

More common ones to the general public are the treatment of anxiety, opiate and alcohol withdrawal, chronic muscle injuries and spasms, insomnia and major sleeping disorders. Diazepam has also been recognized by the world health organization as one of the fifty most essential drugs for a basic medical health care system in developing countries. Diazepam sales gradually increased from 1969 onwards and by 1978 peaked at 2.3 billion tablets sold through prescription orders.

Diazepam is still widely used and sold today as it was back in the 1970’s and 80’s due to its fast acting effects on anxiety related disorders and chronic sleeping disorders. In fact a study was conducted in 1999 across America by the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry that revealed some staggering numbers. Over 50 million Americans where visiting their doctors for a wide range of anxiety disorders in any one given year.
The study revealed the following numbers. 6 million people suffer from direct anxiety and panic related attacks that often are recognized by extreme shortness of breath and sudden heart palpitations. Many people start to hyper ventilate and if not caught early may lead to emergency care in the hospital. 7.7 million People reported that they suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. 6.8 million People reported generalized anxiety disorder which is general worrying about everything going on around them.