Tuesday, September 04, 2007

All Natural Skin Care

About 3 years ago, I started a company specializing in all natural skin care products. I came at it from a rather novel approach. I was a specialist in herbal treatments for many different diseases. I have had formal studies as an herbalists for several years, as well as an apprenticeship in traditional Chinese medicine. Although very few of the things that we herbalists make are useful for all natural skincare, I thought that I could use my knowledge of herbs and extracts to help make better products.
A lot of my friends were pretty skeptical when I first came up with the idea. You see, I come up with a lot of projects, but I have never been all that good at following through on them. They had expected my all natural skin care business to be the same. When I came out with my first skin anti aging cream, they figured that I would be out of business in three or four months at most. When I came out with a new line of all natural skin care products meant for dry, chapped skin, they figured it would flop within the first year. Now, 3 years down the line, my all natural skin care business is still doing very well. They can not figure out how I do it.
When my friends ask about how to make money in the all natural skin care industry, the answer is easy. I tell them that the secret is finding a niche market. You see, all natural skin care is not that new, and it is not that specialized. People from all over the world buy skin care all natural beauty products to heal and rejuvenate their bodies. What I do that the other companies don't, however, is to cash in on a local clientèle. Not only do I sell all natural skin care products, but I sell them made from locally grown, indigenous plant oils. Rather than being imported from all around the world, they are all made right here in Oregon.
A lot of people are willing to pay quite a bit of money for all natural skin care that they can trust. If they know that it is locally grown and manufactured, they can feel good about what they are buying. And feeling good about their purchases is what keeps the customers coming back over and over again.