Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Entertainment and Recreation

Greeks had theatres and big halls where they viewed drama and comedy. The entertainment in church like singing hymns and reading the abstracts from the bible was also introduced long time back. Most ancient and modern civilizations had experienced entertainment of some kind at some point in their lives. If we have a look at different civilizations like Middle ages, the life was not as easy for Americans as it is now. There used to be quite little time for leisure. Rarely there used to be jousting tournaments, hunting tournaments, chess and draught games, checkers etc. Some of the churches were against the use of music and leisure activities. We have seen evidences from the history that people continued to provide entertainment to the people and since then the entertainment industry began. The history of entertainment and recreation goes back in the early years of B.C. It started off in 4000 B.C when people started realizing that there should be something done during leisure time.