Thursday, February 11, 2010

Travel Directions Map

MapQuest and googlemaps are two famous sites that are in the business of providing online travel directions maps to and from destination. There are some phenomenal features available on these sites. For example you are planning a road trip in Thailand. At first you will need best Thailand travel guide along with free international travel guide. When you have a tourist guide to accompany you on an international trip then the direction map will be helpful in determining road ways. If your guide knows shortcuts to your destination then you can make changes in the map as per your requirement. You can drag one way and place it on another one. Now the travel distance calculator will calculate new routes. Google Maps allow you to have a view of any place via satellite. All you need to do is to punch your home address and you will be surprised to see your home in a different way as if you are an angel and seeing from the top of the world.