Thursday, November 16, 2006

Aerial Photos

A man came to my mom’s house once, and in his hands were a few aerial photos of her house and property. She was quite surprised, and even more surprised when he said he wanted to sell them to her. Even more shocking was the price, but she chose to buy them anyway and one of the photos hangs in her dining room now. It’s a very cool thing to have, but perhaps the man’s tactics were a little pushy to me.

He must have taken aerial photos of all of the properties around the area and offered them up for sale. I thought perhaps he might have wanted to ask around before he took the shots or perhaps even put an ad in the paper. It’s reminds me of the photographer that takes extra shots of your children at a photo session and then hopes you’ll think they are so cute that you’ll buy more when you come to pick up your package. Perhaps aerial photos are something most people would pass up unless they see them first.

You don’t have to have a man come to take aerial photos of your property in order to see what it might look like from the sky, but this may be the best way. You can find aerial photos on the Internet, but they may not zoom in as close as what the photographer had offered to my mother. I would think this is for privacy reasons, and that is definitely a good thing. Can you imagine finding your property online with a lovely shot of you in your bathing suit in the back yard for everyone in the world to see? I would guess probably not.

If you can’t find aerial photos of your area online, you may have to rely on the man who comes to your door, though this may be something that happens once in a blue moon, if at all. You may have to find a service or person in your area who takes aerial photos and ask them to include your property in their next session. Some of these people either own a helicopter, or they hire someone to fly them around. For a photographer, I can only imagine how much fun this would be. The aerial photos might not be great works of art, but they are probably a whole lot of fun to take.