Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rock Climbing Shoes

Who's up for rock climbing? If you raised your hand, then I sure hope you have the right equipment for the job. This is serious business. Or didn't you see the little flick with Stallone, entitled "Cliffhanger?" Yeah, it's pretty much going to be like that. Therefore you'd better be certain you have some quality rock climbing shoes and carabineers. We wouldn't want the darn thing breaking. Suddenly scaling a wall wouldn't look so cool. Am I on to something here or what? Now, let me steer you in the right direction for that gear. Ever heard of R.E.I.? This is one place you have to check out.
The sport of rock climbing was forever changed for me once I watched the film "Wrong Turn." Now, if you've never seen this somewhat cheesy horror flick, then I suggest that you don't view it before a rock climbing adventure out in the woods somewhere. No sir! This film just may taint you for life. It's sort of like watching "The Blair Witch Project" before a camping trip. Anyway in this "Wrong Turn" film you have two rock climbers in the opening scene. A boyfriend and girlfriend are scaling a rock face in the middle of West Virginia woods. Ha, now there's the first big mistake. Now clearly this couple have awesome rock climbing shoes, rigs and even knives. However, all fails when some mutated mountain men attack. Both are slaughter and probably eaten. So if you don't want this happening to you, then I'd forget about rock climbing. Oh, I mean in a West Virginia forest. Anyway, about that heavy duty climbing equipment. You better do a little investing in it. I'm certain that you'll agree that your life is worth the safety measures. Get the good stuff right off the bat so that there are no issues like we saw in "Cliffhanger."
As mentioned before, R.E.I. is an outstanding outdoor store for all your rock climbing, camping, mountain biking and hiking needs. Check out their vast array of rock climbing shoes. You'll definitely find a pair that suits you just fine. These new-age rock climbing shoes should last you for years to come. Use them for all of your outdoor adventures. Oh and remember, always double check all equipment before dangling in front of that rock.