Sunday, August 23, 2009

Online Pain Killers Without Prescription

When asked a doctor what type of patients come the most to visit him? He answered, ‘Most of the patient comes with a complaint about pain. Pain of all types; slight painful streak in head, trouncing pain in the back, injury pains, or sharp, tingly pain after the surgeries. Pain has become the no. 1 reason why patients are visiting the clinics now-a-days. One study showed that 76 millions American are living with chronic pain and this number is greater than the combined number of diabetes, hypertension, and cancer patients. Pain is a suffering which can be moderate or very severe. It can be momentary or can last for days. Pain can be chronic as well and can be caused by multiple factors. Pain can occur due to a physical injury or due to the malfunctioning of some stimulants or could be a side effect of a disease or any medication.