Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Children For Parents

Parents often think of children as little toys who like to play, eat and do nothing else. Some of the games and play therapies are designed for children that help in their mental and physical growth. Cognitive growth of the children increases this way and their perspective about things around them changes drastically. These therapies also help them in overcoming their own problems, making decisions, expressing feelings etc. The play therapy works in a very simple manner. The child is given a space to sit and play with the things that come from nature. Water, sand, clay, drawing materials and puppets are the materials that are used for the therapy. The therapist makes sure that the child is free to express his emotions and play freely. It is not only the job of the therapist to ensure that the child is learning something, but the parents for children are the real guides in this regard. They should be present at the time of therapy so that their children do not feel uncomfortable.