Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pay Bill Online

Like just about everyone else, I hate to pay my bills. They wind up in a heap on my desk. It is such a chore to sift through the paperwork and it is an unpleasant task to write out check after check. One day I noticed the pay bill online option offered by many of my creditors and I was pleased to know that I did not need to go through the troublesome process of traditional method of paying bills. The pay bill online feature offered by many companies is a great way to assure that your payment will not be late. There have been countless times that I have simply forgotten about a payment that was due. I had the funds in the bank, but I just missed the deadline. With so many things going on in today’s family, bills are often lost in the shuffle. I like that I can quickly access my account and see if I have a payment due. If the payment is due, I simply select the pay bill online option and within a few minutes, my bill is current. Another benefit of the pay bill online feature is also helpful in making sure that you do not over pay a bill as well. Many of the bills we receive get crossed in the mail with payments that are past due. When I get the bill, I always pay the total amount due listed on the account. However, I have found that I already sent a payment that arrived after the bill was written out by the company. It is nice to have a credit on my account, but my husband and I live from paycheck to paycheck many months and every penny counts. My husband and I also find that the pay bill online feature keeps us up to date on what bills have been sent and what bills have not. We both send payments and we find that we both are making payments on the same accounts without knowing that the bill has already been paid. Last year, I delivered a check to pay our car insurance for the quarter. I did this without knowing that my husband already sent a payment in the mail. Our car insurance was paid for six months, and that was great, but in the meantime, we were short hundreds of dollars that could have been applied elsewhere. The pay bill online option is a great way to get the most current information on your account. This pay bill online feature helps me keep track of my bills and it assures that I am not making late payments. I spend a lot of time online and it just takes me a few minutes to select the pay bill online feature. In a few minutes, my bills are up to date and I can move on to other things.