Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Glass Recycling

Glass is a type of material that can be recycled in our environment. Many locations have collection boxes so you can take your glass there. You may still buy juice in glass bottles as many people think it tastes better. There are some types of sodas still sold in glass bottles as well. Should you be replacing broken glass on your home or getting new windows you can recycle all of that as well.

The process of recycling glass is very detailed and very expensive. It has to be evaluated for quality before it can be used. Any traces of bacteria or remains such as debris and food contents are removed from the glass. The glass also has to be sorted based on the color so it can be very time consuming. The dark brown color of beer bottles isn’t something you want to have mixed in with the clear colors. It is all melted down in a furnace with very high heat. Once that is done there are molds that the mixture is poured into. When they are cooled they will form new bodies of glass.

Some manufacturers have contracts with glass recycling companies. They buy the glass containers for their products for them after they have been molded into certain types of containers. This is less expensive for the company than buying glass to make them on their own. It also shows consumers that they are dedicated to recycling and to cutting down waste in the environment.

The process of recycling glass for construction has been effective as well. It is ground down and referred to as glassphalt. So far the reviews of this type of material have been very good. It is likely that it will start to show up in more types of construction projects in the near future.

You can easily set up a place at home to put glass into for recycling. If you have large pieces you need to be careful so that no one gets cut. Various types of establishments such as bars have a large amount of glass each night. It should be put into containers that can be recycled.