Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recycling Paper

If you work in an office setting then you likely see plenty of paper being used all day long. It is part of the process for getting your work done. You may have to complete files, send faxes, sent out letters, and put together books for presentations. We often use a great deal of paper in our homes too for printing. If you have children in school then they are likely using plenty of notebooks as well to get their school work done.

In order for us to have paper trees are being cut down. This is depleting the resources we have out there. When too many trees are cleared away the natural habitat for animals and plants is destroyed. This can have a very negative effect on our society as a whole. There is also the issue of too much carbon monoxide in the air we breath because the trees aren’t consuming it.

One way to cut down on these types of events is to recycle paper. This means we can continue to use it as we need to without being so careless with the trees we have. In this type of process the recycled paper is turned back into pulp. It gets mixed in with new pulp and turned into new types of paper. This is done so that the overall quality of the paper is still very good. When paper is recycled the fibers can weaken. Yet mixing them with new pulp means that the quality is still going to be there.

If you pay attention to the paper you buy, you will find more of it around is recycled. Many notebooks will say on the back if they are recycled or not. Even office supply companies are offering reams of recycled paper. It is still the same great quality that you want for your business so don’t worry that it has been compromised. Yet you will feel good knowing you are doing your part to recycle and to cut down the number of wasted trees that don’t really have to be destroyed in order to have paper.

You can do your part to recycle paper by collecting it and then dropping it off at collection centers. This can include papers at home you don’t need and newspapers. Should you need to shred various types of papers though you can do so and then take the shreds for recycling. Have a set location at work for paper that can be recycled as well.